Hosting Mzd provides the best unmanaged dedicated server hosting. Hosting Mzd's pre-built servers are made for those users who need an instant server and don’t want to wait to have custom built server. Our unmanaged servers are most competitive in pricing and economical as compared to managed dedicated server hosting. We maintain high quality enterprise hardware at an competitive price. Our servers hardware configuration cannot be modified like (CPU, RAM, HDD), because our pre-built dedicated hosting servers are designed for quick deployment. All our pre-built dedicated hosting servers are kept in our Kansas city data center. All our dedicated hosting servers are backed by fully redundant utility power, UPS and Generator backup system.

We're able to offer our pre-built dedicated hosting servers with high-end configurations, however hardware and network quality is the same as we do provide for custom dedicated hosting servers. If you require custom partitions, like hardware and any other changes we recommend you visit our Custom Dedicated Servers page.


  • Quick Deployment Hardware

    All pre-built dedicated hosting servers are on automatic facility system, which allows server deployments with-in 3-4 hours after order processing.

  • Ultra Low Latency Premium Network

    All dedicated hosting servers are assisted by our ultra low latency premium network which enhance the data speed 4X faster.

  • 24/7 Support

    We’re dedicated and waiting for your questions to help you choose the suitable package for you. Our technicians are always on-site for resolving the issues of our dedicated hosting server customers.

  • Multiple Port Options

    Every dedicated hosting server built for 100Mbit and 1Gbit ports, however we also offer 10Gbit ports at an additional cost.

  • Free DDoS Mitigation Protection

    Every dedicated hosting server include Free 2Gbit of DDoS mitigation protection, we also offer additional levels of DDoS protection at an additional cost.