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Common top-level domains (CTLDs)

As an ICANN-accredited registrar, we are able to offer you competitive prices for the most popular global TLDs. You can take advantage of the amazing discounts yourself by registering a domain name for as low as $9.99 for 1 year. You can later use it for your own store or personal website. At this time we’re only providing the below mentioned domain name extensions.

TLD Transfers Edit WHOIS ID Protect Registration Period
.com Yes (EPP) Yes Yes 1-5 Years
.net Yes (EPP) Yes Yes 1-5 Years
.org Yes (EPP) Yes Yes 1-5 Years
.biz Yes (EPP) Yes Yes 1-5 Years
.info Yes (EPP) Yes Yes 1-5 Years
.co Yes (EPP) Yes Yes 1-5 Years
.us Yes (EPP) Yes Yes 1-5 Years Yes (EPP) Yes Yes 1-5 Years

WHOIS Privacy Protection

The WHOIS Protection service, also known as Privacy Protection, is designed to shield the WHOIS information associated with a domain name.

How WHOIS Privacy Protection works

According to ICANN’s rules, the WHOIS data pertaining to a newly registered domain name, including personal or corporate contact details, is publicly available. This opens a back door for abusers and spammers. By enabling WHOIS Protection, domain owners will have their WHOIS data replaced by generic information, which will eliminate all chances of spam outbreaks, identity theft or domain hijacking.

WHOIS Privacy Protection availability

Not all TLDs are WHOIS Privacy Protection-eligible. You can order WHOIS Privacy Protection for the following generic and country-specific domain extensions: .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ,
 .INFO, .CO, .US, .CO.UK.

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